Eco-friendly green funerals in Hertfordshire

Recent research undertaken by the Post Office found that 35 per cent of people plan on having an 'eco-friendly' green funeral, rather than traditional coffin burials and cremation ceremonies.

Eco-friendly green funerals include being buried in cardboard coffins or coffins made out of natural materials like willow. Natural burials are increasingly taking place in secluded woodlands, and some people are choosing to plant trees in place of a headstone.

Green funeral coffin made of willow

Left: A natural willow coffin made by the Somerset Willow Company. An ideal coffin for a green funeral.

A woodland burial provides a peaceful eco-friendly resting place for a loved one and it is often possible to have a tree planted on or near the grave. A woodland burial also removes the need for maintenance of the grave site.

And an eco-friendly green funeral is no more expensive than a traditional funeral. Those interested in arranging an eco-friendly green funeral often want to plan it in advance so we offer a free planning service.

If you would like to know more then please call us on 01707 262122 – you can also request a copy of our Funeral Plan brochure which will tell you more about our preplanned funeral service.


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